"The Great Reveal"

Hot Flush Casino

No matter whether you call the launch, "The Great Reveal", "The Big Unveiling" or "The Secret Exposed"... one thing is for sure, there is no better way to launch a casino party hire business than with a huge casino party!

Unveiled on the 4th of July this year at the Boulevard Centre in Floreat, Hot Flush Casino was born. My guests were treated to a night of exciting Hot Flush casino-style fun.  

The majority of guests were totally oblivious to what the new business was about. Half didn’t even know I had been working on a new venture… despite the three years it took to create. So, it came as a quite a surprise that the entertainment was in fact the business itself. 

I still think it didn’t dawn on some til the speech that the casino tables they were playing on were not hired, but actually owned (and made) by me…. and that “Hot Flush Casino” was what all the fuss was about.  

The days leading up to the party were frenetic and as for the day of the party… well, that’s a story in itself. Let’s just say that despite the umpteen helpers, dressing the venue still took all afternoon with a few of us still at the venue half an hour before guest arrivals. The time I left to “dress” the other star (namely yours truly) that included showering, makeup, hair and ironing was about 15 minutes. Needless to say, I am more than offie with the stress of being a party host.

As I experienced first-hand, once the first roulette ball is spun and the first blackjack cards dealt, the shackles of being the host are released…. or at least loosened a few notches. Whilst being the host was heaps of fun, I wish I had spent some time interacting and playing at the casino tables myself. At the time, it was a relief to see everyone seemingly “entertaining themselves”. It gave me the opportunity to do whatever it was that kept me busy all night. In hindsight, though, I feel like I missed out on being entertained by my own entertainment!

Seven of my twelve tables were in action on the night and nearly all my props on display. Two roulette, two blackjack, two spinning wheels and one crown & anchor game kept guests busy throughout the evening. Many had never been to a fun casino party, either… so it was also exciting for them to experience something different.

It’s fair to say that the casino entertainment provided great party atmosphere for those that chose not to gamble the entire night. They were able to kick back and socialise in the exciting, stylish atmosphere.

The launch of Hot Flush Casino was a huge success and provided some great footage for the “Secret Exposed” video, which not only shows the launch, but highlights what a Hot Flush Casino party is all about. So, if you have not yet seen it, do yourself a favour and watch it!

Until my next blog, give some thought to incorporating HFC fun into your next social event.