Hire Agreement

  • Prices listed or quoted are single hire prices only, unless otherwise stated as a package price.
  • An upfront surcharge applies to bookings for events located outside our Perth service area.  Any quote received (where the location of the event is known and disclosed) includes the extended travel time rates for staff and vehicle costs.
  • Most inner-city venues attract a surcharge based on the logistics and time of year associated with delivery and setup of equipment.
  • A bond is required in some situations and on some of our hire goods.  Should such a requirement apply, it will be at an agreeable amount and will appear on the invoice.
  • A nominal deposit of $200 is required at the time of booking to secure the required equipment. 
  • All orders for private events (other than those deemed as “corporate” or managed by a “professional event organiser”) are payable by C.O.D. or via Electronic Bank Transfer 3 days prior to delivery, unless otherwise stated on invoice.
  • A cancelation fee of $200 applies should the booking be canceled in under two weeks of the event, except in unavoidable, mitigating circumstances.
  • The terms of payment for corporate events or “professionally managed” events are as follows: - 50% deposit 10 days prior to event with balance payable up to 21 days after event.  A 20% cancelation fee applies for administrative costs.
  • An hourly pro-rata hire rate will apply if the hirer is not present at the agreed time and place for pickup or the goods are not accessible for pickup as arranged by hirer.
  • All hire equipment must be returned in the same clean and dry condition as supplied or additional charges will apply.
  • All damage, loss or breakage to hire goods will be charged for at the full price of repair or replacement – payment must be paid within 7 days of damage or loss.
  • Goods should be inspected on delivery for quantity and condition.  No claims will be accepted unless reported on delivery.
  • Items hired are the sole responsibility of the hirer from the point and time of delivery and until the point and time of collection.­­
  • The company will not be liable for any damage or loss caused to any person, property, animal or thing whatsoever arising from the carriage, use or handling in any way of the goods hereby hired even though such loss may result from negligence of the business, its carriers or agents.  The customer will indemnify Hot Flush Casino (or any person sub-contracted to work for Hot Flush Casino) in respect of any claim for such loss or damage.
  • No equipment (including casino tables, props or signs) will be relocated or moved in any manner whatsoever following setup carried out by the business delivery person or proprietor.  Same applies at the completion of your event – all equipment must remain in-situ until collected (unless relocated by croupier staff) at the time of the event or completion of the event.
  • An hourly pro-rata hire rate (up to the full hire amount) will apply if the hirer is not present at the agreed time and place for delivery/pickup of the goods. 

By accepting the above hire terms, the hirer agrees to all the terms and conditions in this agreement contract.