Let’s face it, everyone loves a good party! No one wants to attend a social event that's more akin to the Nevada desert than Las Vegas, or worse be the host of one!

Hot Flush Casino is a party packed full of glamour, fun and excitement. The entertainment is sophisticated, the service professional and the process straight-forward. Hot Flush ensures a stress-free hosting experience. 

No matter the type of event or celebration, fun casino entertainment can transform a good party into a great one. Whether small or huge… private or corporate… in a home or hired venue… HFC is the perfect fit for any party. The casino entertainment can also be centre-stage or not. We meet your criteria by bundling style, fun and flexibility into all our event packages.


Hot Flush Casino is all about sophisticated fun. Corporate functions provide the ideal environment for just that. Hot Flush is dedicated to achieving an enjoyable relaxed atmosphere in which work colleagues and acquaintances can mingle... interacting in a fun and casual manner while betting on our stylish casino games. It’s entertainment that's a great ice-breaker.

The social event need not necessarily be all about the casino entertainment. Our entertainment fits in anywhere and can be one of many components of your function. It also suits varied themed events. Hot Flush is renowned for creating amazing atmosphere and we can customise our packages to suit any scenario.

A fun casino function can even be a vehicle for team bonding. Hot Flush can assist in formatting an event for your corporation that increases morale and group identity. Sharing some competitive fun can help pull teams together by creating positive relationships.

So, whether your corporate function is an awards night, an employee incentive program, a morale booster, an end of year Xmas party or purely a social event to thank your team, Hot Flush Casino delivers sophisticated entertainment that is fun and exciting. 

Check out our casino tables or send an enquiry for further details.

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Hot Flush Casino has an array of props that make any casino-themed party complete. With big casino signs, lifesize standups, LED-lit dollar signs, oversized playing cards and red carpet entrances, a Hot Flush Casino package can make any party feel like a real casino. 

With more and more props coming online, we are able to bundle the ideal package for your James Bond theme night; Casino Royale event; Gangster party; Vegas social event and your Great Gatsby evening. The extent of theming is limited only by your imagination. We even have a unique and exclusive James Bond 007 Spinning Wheel game to really "wow" guests at James Bond and Casino Royale theme events.

Please view our fun and exciting range of props or make an enquiry for your specific requirements.


Whether it’s a huge gala-style charity event or a fundraiser for your local club, a fun casino event is a terrific way to raise funds and awareness.

It is illegal to gamble on casino games in Australia with real money outside licensed casinos. The “casino” gaming that is permissible in WA for fundraising is limited to non-casino games, requires paying for a permit and involves risk…. risk of losing funds. That risk is amplified by the fact that charity events are inevitably held for just a few hours. Real casinos make money because they are open 24/7 and 364 days a year. So, don’t take a gamble on real gambling…. there is no guarantee of winning.

Hot Flush Casino entertainment, on the other hand, can guarantee a profit. The degree of benefit to your special charity is determined by ticket prices and the type of incentives on the night. Plan and budget for success, and your event will be memorable for all the right reasons. Fun, excitement and money for the cause close to your heart…. what more can a host ask for?

View our tables or send an enquiry. We'd love to be involved in helping your charity.

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Casino parties are a popular choice for birthday celebrations for an 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th and even an 80th birthday. They are, of course, great for birthdays of any age in between. Hot Flush Casino adds sophisticated fun to all birthday celebrations.    

The entertainment is uncomplicated and easy to organise. Best of all, casino parties are always a hit. Whether you want to transform your living room at home or a hired function room into your own casino... it's up to you. We are mobile and very adaptable. It does not matter if you want just a bit of sideline fun for your party… it’s up to you. The pit-boss of any Hot Flush Casino party is you, the host!

Rather than leaving your guests to entertain one another with just conversation alone and putting the pressure on yourself to do all the introductions, why not let Hot Flush Casino do the entertaining? Your guests will be enthralled with the entertainment that you have put on for them, and they will happily mingle at the casino tables. Chances are that half of your guests have never been to a fun casino party... so half will be full of intrigue and the rest full of expectation.

The fun-filled atmosphere ensures that a great party is made a memorable one, so simply make an enquiry via our online email.


Organising a hens do? Wanting to promise guests incredibly lively and interactive entertainment? Then there is no better way to get the party started than with Hot Flush Casino. 

Girls love to have a gamble just as much as the blokes, especially when the thrill comes with no risk. Blackjack, Roulette and the Hot Flush Spinning Wheel are great games to create a fun and exciting hens party atmosphere. Hot Flush also has a huge array of props for hire to really make it spectacular and memorable. 

Everything is delivered and setup for you. "Fun" money is handed out to guests just before the official casino start time by our professional and engaging croupiers who ensure that everyone’s gambling experience is nothing but fun!

Since Hot Flush Casino is a “fun” casino, none of your girlfriends will suffer the financial hangover possible from a night’s gambling at a real casino. “Fun” is the operative word, girls.

Regardless of where your party plans are at, send Hot Flush an online enquiry... we are all too ready to help you out.

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Planning a bucks night with a difference? A fun casino night is a great option. Whether it's a prelude to a big night out or the feature event, a Hot Flush Casino party provides awesome fun and it will be a great bet with the boys.

Blackjack, Roulette and Poker are always popular casino games amongst the lads. What is so great about a fun-casino event is that no matter hard they gamble, none of your mates can lose real money… no financial hangovers possible the next day!

Hot Flush Casino entertainment can work in synergy with whatever other entertainment planned too. Our professionally trained croupiers are engaging and will keep the fun going bet after bet.

So, if you are after casino equipment that resembles the real deal, then check out our casino tables for hire or simply enquire online.


Give your wedding guests something to do while the wedding party are busy getting their photographs taken. It’s fun, exciting and a great ice-breaker. Best of all, Hot Flush Casino entertainment can be enjoyed by guests of all ages. 

Our charming and professional croupiers can get everyone in the mood. With “fun” money to bet with, no one will want to NOT play. They will be enchanted with the idea of being able to gamble as if in Las Vegas. 

The casino action can take place before, after or around speeches. The equipment is setup well prior to activities and is dismantled at a time that is most appropriate (usually the next day). The casino tables are operated for a period up to three hours. It is professionally run from woe to go – we are passionate about providing great customer service that will shine on your special day.   

Please contact us for details about the most suitable combination of games and props for your special event.

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Casino entertainment is extremely versatile. It’s not gender based, age restrictive or ­­­­­location specific. It’s great for all kinds of celebrations including: Anniversaries;  House Warmings;  Graduations;  Work Functions;  Business Launches;  Conferences;  Social Get-togethers;  Retirements;  End of year Xmas Dos;  New Years Eve Parties. If there is a reason to celebrate, there is a reason to have a Hot Flush Casino party. You name it, Hot Flush can do it.

The degree to which the casino entertainment takes prominence is purely up to you. The amount of “casino” atmosphere is determined by the amount of props included and the casino decorating you contribute. Hot Flush Casino is more than willing to assist with ideas and suggestions to make your event the most memorable possible.

For more ideas check out our various casino tables and casino props or send an online enquiry.